Hi Everyone!!!!

Glad to be back with full force now that my youth service is over *insert victory dance*. Shout out to everyone who asked about my absence; I really appreciate that you care about TGC.

Down to the business of the day, I  watched a winged liner tutorial yesterday  and it was AWESOME. How To: Winged Eye liner tutorial


Its 8 minutes long (the artist demonstrated with both gel and liquid liner and was a bit chatty ); its very detailed and this was my first attempt with her method.ouDRMcfh (1) d210maX4 yXslFRY9


It looks pretty good for a first attempt if i do say so myself. I love it because I’ve never really been able to do a winged liner properly because of my eyelids; they fold/crease at the outer corners so they’re hard to line properly.

That’s it for this post; I just wanted to share the video with you guys so you can try out her method and see if it works for you like its worked for me.

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Thanks for reading. Love you guys. Until next time, stay glam. X

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