Hi everyone! So yesterday, we had a poll on the blog to find out what dreads we preferred in general; slim small dreads or fat big dreads. Fat big dreads won. imageYou can still vote and let us know your opinion Here .


I’ve been asked a few times what hair should be used to for fauxlocs. You basically have three optionsimage

1. Kanekalon hair which is the standard braiding attachment – this is cheaper than Marley hair but it’s quite shiny and doesn’t have that natural look which is the whole point of fauxlocs. You tend to look like you’ve done that “rubber” stretching hairstyle we used to do in primary school

2. Yarn- yarn locs have a wooly look to them. The process is longer because each strand of yarn is wrapped around the hair and that’s just stresssssss. I think people mostly use them for colored locs because it’s hard to get marley hair in colors like blue and grey.

.when the ends are burnt to seal the locs, the locs don’t stick together.

Yarn locs
Yarn locs

3. Marley hair/ kinky hair/ afro hair- this is the preferred kind of hair extension for fauxlocs because they have that natural hair look and they look great even when they are old PLUS they are reusable for proper twists and even fauxlocs again. They’re abit pricier but are definitely definitely worth it.

. A point to note is that when the ends are burnt to seal the locs off, the locs become abit sticky but I think it lessens with time.

Marley hair

Another question I was asked is how to achieve bigger looking locs

. The answer is do bigger twists before wrapping the loc extensions round it. Fauxlocs are done by wrapping your extensions (kanekalon, yarn or Marley hair) around an already existing braid/twist/untwisted hair (yes). So to get fatter locs, do fatter twists/braid/use larger chunks of hair and to get slimmer locs, do slimmer twists/braids/use smaller chunks of hair.

Fauxlocs come in different shapes, colors and sizes so you can be adventurous or play it safe.

I think she looks gorgeous. Love how she mixed two colors… The bob is dope. Fauxlocs don’t always have to be long and heavy. Do you!

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  1. Wow!! I love it, I will like to have d marley type and big 1 too

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