Hello everyone!!! I hope we’re all doing great.  I know the last time I posted I said I was back in full force but i disappeared again; i lost a friend and needed some time to grieve. Now I am back and hopefully nothing’ll stop me from being consistent.


So I was doing some research for articles for the blog and I came across quite a few helpful tips about concealer application and I thought they’d be great to share so here they are.


What is concealer?

A concealer is a type of cosmetic that is used to mask dark circles, age spots, large pores, and other small blemishes visible on the skin. It is similar to foundation, but thicker and used to hide different pigments by blending the imperfection into the surrounding skin tone


How to prep your skin for concealer

It is advisable to moisturise your skin before applying concealer. Moisturiser hydrates and sort of fills up lines in the face so when you apply your concealer, it doesn’t crease as much and look dry. To be honest, you should always moisturise your face before makeup application, it definitely looks better than dry skin.


Which comes first? Foundation or concealer

This is a very common question and it doesn’t have a singular answer. Which is used first depends on the individual’s skin and the makeup look you’re going for.


.Try this trick I used to determine which should come first for me; apply foundation on half of your face and look at it. If your foundation doesn’t have a thick consistency and provide good coverage when applied on your face and you have a whole lot of blemishes to cover post foundation-application, then you should probably use concealer first as it is easier and also looks better when  you apply concealer first, then foundation then powder to set the area; as opposed to several patches of concealer basically everywhere minus a few spots on a sparse-coverage foundation.


However, if you have a few spots, marks or blemishes to conceal post foundation application and the foundation gives good, even coverage, then you can apply concealer after foundation application and set it with a powder of your choice (if its underneath the eye, you can use a highlighting power; if its on a random part of the face, you can use normal powder).


Its important to know which one ought to be applied first for you because it may very well determine your final look. Plus if you’re luck and you apply concealer after foundation, you end up wearing less make up since you’d be using less product on your face.


I personally use concealer first (my skin isn’t the best *wipes lone tear drop* lol) when i want full coverage because my current foundation isn’t really thick; Perhaps that’ll change with my next foundation purchase.




. When applying your under-eye concealer, apply it in a ‘down and out’ direction starting from the inner corner of the eye; never forget the inner corner of the eye.

.Do NOT apply concealer in a straight horizontal line underneath the eye.


different concealer brushes

Beauty blending sponge
To cover patches of dark skin or blemishes, a fatter-tipped concealer brush ought to be used while for pimples and small spots, a precision concealer brush should be used for the application. A beauty blending sponge is my favourite tool for blending out concealer and setting it with powder. A blending sponge really makes application seamless; just dampen it and blend away.


That’s all girls 🙂


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    1. thank you! hahaha. i’ll speak to a great makeup artist about what we need to look out for when picking out our foundations and concealers and share it with you guys here:) thanks for stopping by. x

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