Hi everyone!! Guess who’s back with a brand new wrap and I don’t mean wrap asin a new gift; I actually mean wrap asin wrap your hair around a headband and get curlsssssss Lol. Before I go into our business of the day, if you are an eminem fan,  you’d notice my “guess who’s back with a brand new wrap” line *proudly flips imaginary hair away from face* awesome right? Lol .. Anywayyyy I know the last time I posted I said today’s post might be the last one of “the curl edition” but I was oh so deliciously wrong!

Yes, deliciously wrong (I promise my present hunger has nothing to do with my choice of words 🙂 ) . While researching on various hair curling methods, I found out about curling bands. Curling bands aren’t popular in Nigeria (or maybe I’m the only one who hasn’t heard of them) but they are soooo totally awesome for curling hair! In this case I mean weaves and long natural (relaxed or unrelaxed) hair.

Curling band. It’s chunkier than a regular head band so the curls’ll be more voluminous

So, how DO we use curling bands to curl our hair?

. Firstly, although there are “official” curling bands, you can use a normal head band (elastic/stretchy) to basicakly achieve the same look so don’t worry about not having/ not being able to get an “official” curling band

.fatter bands are better especially for longer hair so there are no chances of your hair getting tangled

. This method works on damp hair only!

. Waiting time for this method is about 5-8 hours (standard bendy-roller waiting time so don’t be afraid)

1. Dampen hair (not dripping wet)

2. Thoroughly comb and brush hair to detangle ( I recently realized this step is super important in achieving any kind of neat curls so don’t skip this)

. If you are doing this on your natural hair, now is the time to add whatever styling/holding/curling lotions or creams you normally use to create your curls

3. Place your band on your head “hipster style”

4. Take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the band once

5. Take a smaller section of hair and add the “left over” from the first wrap to it to make a new section and wrap that around the band

6. Take a new section and add the “left over from the second wrap to it to make a new section and wrap around the band.

7. Repeat step

8. Wrap to the centre of the back of your head

9. Repeat wrapping steps on the other side

10. Wrap to the centre of the back of your head

.if there are any random strands sticking out you can use styling gel to hold them down

11. Wrap extra hair around the band  and use a clip to hold it in place (optional)

12. Tie a silk/satin scarf over it to preserve it overnight (if you sleep like I do, your hair probably always needs night time full-on “preservation”)

13. Wake-up (flawless of course)

14. Gently unwrap the curls from the head band and voila! Curlssss!

15. You can spray on some holding spray so the curls last longer 🙂


She used a proper curling band for her weave. So dope!
She made a headband out of KITCHEN NAPKINS fam!!! And look at the result! When the hair gods favor you, this is what happens
She used a normal head band



Picture tutorial; she also used a normal head band



.P.S the tighter you wrap your hair around the band, the tighter the curls

Thats it for this post ladies. What do you think of this method. I have my little natural ‘fro on at the moment but I’m definitely getting a weave done soon to try this method. I’d this works for me, this method and my sweet curling wand  (curling band and wand; see, they even rhyme lol) will be my go-to curling methods. I’ll try to find out if there are any stores or suppliers that sell curling bands; be sure I’ll post about it if I find. In the mean time, a head band works too as we can see from the picture tutorial.

I hope you liked this post. If you do, you can scroll to the bottom of this page and subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss any great future posts 🙂 . Thank you for reading. Until next time, stay glam. X


  1. This post was so needed. You know those nights you’re way too tired to put in flexirods into your hair, this definitely works. Pls Do you know where the proper curling bands are being sold?

    1. Like!! Too convenient. I’ve gotten in contact with a lady that makes them but she’s in America. I’ve asked about shipping and all that so I’ll post about my findings when I get answers ☺️ Still use a head band for now if you are too tired for flexi rods. Thanks for reading.

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