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Aaaaaannnyhu, this is part two of Wevespiration Wednesdays: The curl series! Last week, I spoke about curling wands; this week I shall be talking abound flexi rods AKA bendy rollers AKA the average Nigerian girl’s hair accessory to places in her neighborhood AKA the hair accessory an assistant in my office actually came to work with (and trust me, she doesn’t live close to the office. I was finally able to get her to take them out though, after throwing abit of “shade” wrapped in subliminal messages at her lol)

These are flexi rods
These are flexi rods

Flexi rods are the first heatless EASY DIY curling tools given to women (I really don’t think I would have found normal plastic rollers easy to use for some reason but maybe that’s just me). Flexi rods come in different sizes

The bigger rods are used to make looser, bigger curls while the smaller rods are used to make smaller and tighter curls.

Differnt sizes
Different sizes

So how DO we use flexi rods?
Firstly, we should know that they can be used for wet, damp and dry hair. Secondly, they can be used on natural hair (but that only works out when your hair is long enough; to curl shorter natural hair, try using straws) and also on non synthetic weaves. The closer to virgin human hair, the better.

. Comb and or brush the section you want to wrap around the rod to properly detangle it and ensure neat curls ( make sure the section is not too big for the rod so the hair can easy be wrapped around it)
.This is optional: spray a bit of water on the section. Just enough to dampen it abit not leave it dripping wet. Add abit of leave in conditioner and wrapping lotion or curl lotion to make the curls more defined and last longer ( this step is actually necessary for the naturalistas. Natural hair needs to be dampened and adequately moisturized for the curls to come out neat and un-frizzy)

image.wrap the tip of your hair around the rod. I like to make sure the very end of the wrapped tip ends up right under or above the the rest of the hair ( depending on whether I’m tucking the hair inward or outward. Just think of it as tucking in the end so it doesn’t come undone and it gets curled as well)

.Roll the rod towards your scalp. Try to make it as tight as possible without wrecking your tracks (weaves) or scalps

.secure the roller by tightly bending the end of the roller in the opposite direction of the roll of the hair. So if the rod is rolled up and inwards, the ends should be bent above the roll of hair. If the rod is rolled up and outwards, the ends should be bent under the roll of hair.

. Play the waiting game. The longer you leave the rods in your hair,the more “formed” your curls will be.

.if you put in any leave in conditioner, wrapping liquid, curl lotion or anything, make sure your hair dries completely before taking the rods out. If there’s still any dampness, the curls will be limp and lame and all your waiting would have been in vain.

.Take the rods out gently. Be careful, don’t pull/yank the rod out as this will scatter the curls.

.after taking the rods out, you can spray some holding spray on your curls to make them maintain form and last longer. Try to use a spray that does not contain alcohol so that your hair doesn’t frizz up or become sticky or crunchy.
Important tips and hints to keep in mind before rolling with flexi rods
. Not dampening and moisturizing your hair will make your curls frizzy

.Different rolling techniques yield different kinds curls.

.When rolling the hair next to a parting, to get abit of volume at the top, roll the rod upward and inward; inward rolls usually have the top of the section curling out.

.Most importantly, practice makes perfect! Keep practicing and master the style that works best for the curls you want.

Always envision your end result before you start curling so you don't curl hair you'd rather have somewhat straight
Always envision your end result before you start curling so you don’t curl hair you’d rather have somewhat straight
I've found that twirling your hair to make it chunky before firmly wrapping it around the rods gives you this result. Love it!
I’ve found that twirling your hair to make it chunky before firmly wrapping it around the rods gives you this result. Love it!
Another way to use flexi rods.
She didn’t twirl her hair before wrapping it around the rod so her curls aren’t that chunky. Still love it though

That’s it for part 2 of the curl edition. Thank you so much for reading. I hope this has been helpful. Watch out for next weeks post.. Orr you can just scroll to the bottom of the page and subscribe to the blog so you get an email notification when I post any article on the blog. Until next time, stay glam. X

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  1. Never knew about the twirling technique.

    Yay! I actually have a weave in now so would try this.


  2. Just learnt that the size of the rods determine curl size tightness. LOL. Need me small rods then. Thank you.

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