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So, it’s Wednesday and I thought I’d write up a weavespiration Wednesday post but use a few of the hair styles of the celebrities that attended the Met gala (you know how exams are based on current affairs lol, trying to keep up with what’s going on in the fashion and beauty world here too). Not all may be good in my opinion but if you feel anything contrary, please express your views in the comment section.image


Hahaha I just had to start with this because of the funniest comment I read on her headpiece yesterday. Someone on Twitter said its “portable hellfire” hehehee . Nigerians are hilarious. I actually like this piece for the Met ball; outfits aren’t meant to be slick or elegant but artsy and this makes the cut for me. What do you think about SJP’s head piece?



Absolutely love over everything about her look. The Hair is neat, classy and elegant; her dress shows skin in the best type of way without revealing all but the nips and bum (as that seemed to be the theme for outfits at the Met gala this year). Plus her makeup is beautiful; brings the whole look together. What do you think?



Jlo and her booty get a pass for me. Her hair is beautifully done, her dress though.. That’s a lot of bum but it’s Jlo and the Met gala Β and that booty is a work of art so we say yes,

Queen Bey’s hair gets the biggest NO I have ever said in my life. I personally dislike side ponies but it works sometimes; this is definitely not one of those times. Her outfit is nice but it sort of underwhelmed me… I just feel like Bey is above being so dangerously naked. But it’s the Met gala so her dress gets a pass but her hair?!!! Nah fam. What say you?

The Kardashian/Jenner sisters both get full passes; they both look gorgeous. Showing a lot of skin but then again, it’s them so we’ll allow it. What do you think?

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