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So yesterday, I got a request from one of our darling readers (Big shout out to @ajiricocoa 🙂 ) for a post on how to maintain installed weaves; so I did my research and this is what I found for you guys 🙂

image.If your weave is curly DO NOT brush it when it is DRY! Matter of fact, just don’t brush the hair.

If you your curls look flat and dead to you, dampen your hair with water and apply a great leave-in conditioner to it and just a tiny bit of a light-consistency moisturizer to bring the curls back to life and give them a little shine.

Detangle your weave with your fingers when it’s moist with these products in it. The conditioner and moisturizer will make any knots and tangles in the weave detangle easier.

You can also use a curl activator cream or serum on your curly weaves.

It isn’t advisable to blow dry curly weaves either. Just towel dry them and let them air dry so the hair doesn’t over-dry, lose moisture and look dead.

Once your curly weave is dry, no matter how beautiful it is, try not to get too touchy with it, you’ll just end up rubbing out all the moisture 🙁

Last but not least, always tie a silk or satin scarf over your weave at night (I think you shoul pin your hair up first so the curls don’t just mash up together under the scarf). Rubbing it against cotton and most materials will dry your weave out and just mess them up to be honest. So care for your weave like you would your natural hair.

image.If your weave is wavy follow the same rules as the curly weaves. You should also probably braid your hair at night (I read that) but I think you are better off running a wide-toothed comb through and then packing your hair at the nape of your neck and then the tip of the weave.

I’m just thinking that plaiting a weave with a pre-existing curl pattern might mess up the pattern if your plaits don’t fall in line with the existing waves so holding the hair in place and tying a silk scarf’ll be a facer bet; unless you want fun wild waves. If you do, braid away 🙂


.For straight weaves; first of all, don’t go and buy Brazilian body wave, use a straightener on it on day one and wonder why it’s wavy again on day 2/3. If you want a permanently straight weave, buy a straight weave or be willing to straighten that hair every day. Straightening hair everyday actually isn’t good for your weave so first and foremost, use the right weave for the right result.

If you must improvise with your weave, just make sure when you go to bed, you pack it in a ponytail and tie a silk scarf over your hair. Any form of heat or humidity that isn’t in an effort to straighten the hair will take it back to its original form ( this includes humidity from shower caps and sleeping on the weave without packing and scarfing it)

I can’t be the only one that hates when the line of the place you packed your hair shows right? (Especially with braids ugh). I think pining your up in place might be a better option than the pony tail one. I read the ponytail tip but bruh, I’d be so mad if my hair is super straight and I see one kink line running across it 🙁 so I think pining is the way to go if you can hack it.

You can also straighten your weave by blow drying your weave while brushing it with a a boar-bristle brush.image

As always, condition and moisturize lightly. You can brush straight weaves when they are dry though so yay. Brush from the tips to the root in case there are any tangles and knots in there; brushing from the root to the tip would probably worsen the knots and tangles.

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  1. I love the tips, using bending rollers to curl the hair is a most. Plus mixing ganier leave in conditioner with any hair oil of your choice in an empty spray bottle once a week after washing with treseme conditioner or any moisturizing soothing conditioner is the way forward. Most importantantly stay away from heat and excess chemical. Peruvian weaves to me are the best because even if the hair is not well taken care off, it can effortlessly come back to life by only lightly washing it with quality conditioner and it feels light, making liviable and enjoyable with the heat in Nigeria and you can wear up to seven bundles and it will still feel light and the finest quality.

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