Hi everyone! I know the TGB streets have been abit dry but forgive a sister. Happy Ramadan to my Muslim sisters and brothers! May God reward your efforts this Ramadan beyond your wildest dreams. So I was thinking about what to post and I really didn’t have to think too long; why not post about how to tie scarves?!

I’ll admit it came to me initially because this is the first Ramadan I’ll be covering my hair through; but then I realized that scarves are great and not just for covering your hair for religious purposes. During my research for this post, I really came to realize how much we (well I can speak for myself) don’t really use scarves to their full potential to be honest. I say this because check it:

.Have a bad hair day and you need to look great?; instead of struggling to get an awkward passable hairstyle, why not tie a really beautiful scarf as a turban and be out and about in style?

Imagine looking this good on a bad hair day?! That is what I call winning


.(Quite a few people might be able to relate to this one) your hair do is on fleek but the stylist didn’t close off the top (especially for full and side fringes) properly. Instead of having to use pins and combing your hair a certain way and praying breeze doesn’t blow your hair, why not just use a pretty scarf to cover just that area?

Bye bye to that weird fringe closure lol
This is so cute! One of my favorite looks


.perhaps the centre of your head is a mess (don’t ask me how but we all know this is a possibility), but the rest is on point, why not just tie a scarf and leave out the ends of the hair?

Weird centre gone! I think this would look great with an ombré weave! *takes note for personal use*. I also think this look would work best with hoop earrings.

.The front part of your full or side fringe is great but the centre and back end up being wack, why not tie a scarf that leaves just the fringe out?

LOVE it!

I say, yes to scarves! Invest in them, there’s always a day you don’t feel too great about your hair and you end up walking around conscious of what’s happening up there. So instead of getting a stiff neck from trying to keep your hair in a particular position (the only decent style you could manage before leaving your house), just tie a scarf and be freeeeeee!

How to tie a scarf turban-style! I saved this on my phone lol, I need it so much

.Tried out a curling style and it didn’t work out? No one has to know, and you don’t need to have awkward quarter-to-almost-done-curls; Scarf it! I know you get the point, Scarves will save your confidence in an instant!

All you have to do Is invest in pretty scarves and practice tying them. Buy a turban if you can’t wrap your head around how to tie a scarf (YES that was a scarf joke hehehehehe). Seriously though, scarves come in different shapes and sizes so different scarves will help you achieve different looks; you just have to practice.

Inspiration! There’s a style for everyone 🙂 I wish I knew who she was. I really like this.

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