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So I was sent a Lil’Radiance facial spa kit by Sage and Rose last week to use and review. Lets get started !

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First off, I love their Sage ad Rose bag; Its so pretty. The kit has 4 brushes and the  “machine” itself (imagine an electric toothbrush but for the face). The 4 brushes/heads are:

  1. Cleansing sponge – used to thoroughly wash and cleanse the face with your facial soap
  2. Exfoliation brush- used to exfoliate your skin with either your normal soap or your exfoliating soap. (exfoliation is so key and this really gets all those dead skin cells right off your face and leaves it feeling smooth. I however don’t always exfoliate ( I exfoliate every other day)  because my skin is prone to irritation. So be sure to use this in line with what works for your skin type. )
  3. Foundation sponge- used to evenly spread/apply foundation on your face. I haven’t actually used this but i’ll let you guys know how it goes when I do.
  4. contour massager- used to massage your face and work-in any lotions or oils you apply to your face. It promotes circulation of blood, improves skin elasticity (i can attest to this) and awakens facial muscles.

How to use

  1. Wet  and apply soap to face and cleansing sponge and use the machine to thoroughly cleanse your face. Rinse
  2. Apply facial scrub or soap to face and use the machine (with the exfoliation brush attached). Rinse
  3. Cleanse your face with your normal cleanser (optional)
  4. Apply your cream/lotion/oil to your face and use the contour massager to massage and work-in your lotion (this is my favorite part to be honest)
  5. Touch your face and feel how amazing your skin feels :p

The machine runs on 2 AA batteries; I’ve been using the same batteries for a week now so yay! Also, I found out the hard way that the machine is durable; when I was trying to change the head, it fell (from a pretty high place) and the back came off but I just clipped it back on and it kept working just fine.So if you’re a bit of a klutz like me, fret not.

My Opinion – This product is great. I actually enjoy washing my face now (I’m a big baby and using this just makes it seem like so much fun lol). My skin is noticeably smoother and “fresher”.  My mum has even asked me to order one for her and it costs just N3,000 !!! It gets even better; If you use my discount code “TGCSAGE10” , YOU GET A 10% DISCOUNT off the product 🙂 .

Be sure to use my code if you get one and let me know how it works out for you.

If you follow me on my personal twitter, you’ll have seen my tweets about an American skincare company reaching out to me to review some of their best products; well, the products have arrived and I will be reviewing them soon. I just need some time to use them all so I can give my honest opinion but so far so awesome!

Thanks for reading guys! You can contact Sage & Rose to purchase the facial spa kit  via their Instagram account -> @sageandrose

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Comments, constructive criticisms and questions are welcome as always.

Until next time, stay glam. X


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