Hi ladies!

I hope we all had a great weekend and have even better weeks ahead. So I’m just going to drop a quick post on a great trick I just stumbled across.

It’s a way to dry nail polish really quickly. I’ve only ever managed to NOT smudge my nail polish twice in my whole life. TWO TIMES.. It’s really such a shame to get really lovely nail polish and then ruin one or two fingers with a chip or a smudge after already waiting a while for them to dry :'(

Nail polish dries when it encounters cool temperatures so the trick is to submerge your fingers in a bowl of cold water with ice for about three minutes and you’ll have perfectly dried nail polish!

imageI just tried it this morning and it works but I took out the ice; it was just too cold for me lol. I put one ice cube back though lol. So the next time I go get my nails done, I’m going to ask the nail artist to please buy a bottle of cold water and keep it in the fridge and when she’s done, I’ll just dip them in a bowl of the cold water for a while. Its pretty cold at first but your fingers get numb and then you don’t feel it anymore after a while.

That’s our tip for you today; now go forth and have perfect nail polish!!! Lol.

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Thank you for reading. I hope you liked this post. Until next time, stay glam. X


  1. Just when I was tired of having to paint my nails myself. Will try this tonight. Wish me luck lol.

  2. This is fab, tried already it works.

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