Hi everyone!!!

I kid you not, as I’m typing this, my face is covered with Methyme Shea butter soap and I am so relieved!!

Lets rewind to about two months ago sajdiwh;wfj es’fsfv ß that’s a written representation of the rewind sound lol . So, in August, I received a package from a skincare company called Methyme and I was so excited because that’s honestly every blogger’s dream(to be recognised and sent free stuff lol ) but I was also abit worried because I wondered what I’d say if I didn’t like the products.. . how I’d balance the truth with being approachable to companies. I am very very very glad to say that I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

I actually have a skin condition called atopic dermatitis and its basically hereditary eczema that can never be cured, just managed; my skin condition has always always always always left me with imperfect skin especially facially. Over the years, I tried many creams recommended by dermatologists and skincare experts but was never able to find the perfect product to give me lovely skin like everyone else *sob*; i PROMISE YOU that once I started using Methyme products, my skin  actually became crazy clear.

I didn’t have any roughness, dryness or irritation bumps on my forehead and my face looked and felt hydrated, super soft and healthy. If you recall in the second paragraph, I said I was relieved because i have the Methyme soap on my face as I type, well, the truth is, I’ve almost finished my methyme shea butter soap *wailing*so I bought a some “all natural black soap” from a Nigerian brand (to keep the all natural trend going), started using it literally 4 days ago and my face has REGRESSED LIKE CRAZY!! When I got home today and looked in the mirror, I saw my face and felt disheartened because the usual bumps and signs of irritation are coming back so I know for sure that the Methyme soap and facial scrubs were my saving grace these past two months.


So, as far as reviews go, here’s what I think about Methyme products, they are AMAZING!  They are well packaged, smell fantastic (like really really) and they most definitely without any sort of doubt work! From their amazing scrubs, to their soaps and body butters that leave your skin feeling soft and supple. I almost want to get more popular just so I can spread the gospel of Methyme products.  To get your hands on this amazing line of products, visit their website www.methyme.org ; you should also check them out on instagram @offical_methyme  . The products are definitely worth it! Methyme’s slogan is “nature inspired indulgence” and its  a perfect representation of their products; get that indulgent spa-day result every day from their natural skincare products.


I genuinely think you should try their products, I’m definitely going back for their shea butter soap ! Thanks for reading everyone!! I’ve enjoyed the whole process of reviewing these products and will definitely do more reviews and introduce new awesome brands and products to you all. Have an awesome weekend. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @theglamcatalogue and snapchat (ID: TGC) for beauty content!

until next time, stay glam! X


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