Hellooooooooooo beautiful people!!!

I’m super excited about this post simply because it’s an original challenge I came up with randomly.

I was lying in bed thinking of content for my youtube channel. I wanted it to be original, fun and something that could catch on to other Nigerians.  I was like “whats unique to Nigeria” and LOL one of my answers was bad roads and I was like hmm, I always see women in the morning (my mum used to be one of them) wearing makeup (struggling to) while driving and trying to weave through potholes, bumps and even craters (please Nigerians know I’m not exaggerating). That’s how I came up with the challenge.

I shared the idea in my very first vlog on my channel and people gave positive responses and encouraged me to do the challenge so here we are. I hope you guys enjoy it and share it with your family and friends and you all participate in the challenge. Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you like the content on it. Thanks for watching and reading. Feel free to email me (beautybymuna@gmail,com) and follow me on my social media platforms ( Twitter – @adm3on , Instagram & Snapchat – @admeon) I would absolutely love to hear from you guys.



Until next time, stay glam.

X. O


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