Hi everyone!!

So I decided to do something different today and make a video  🙂 . Every time I’ve mentioned that I own a mannequin head, I’ve been asked where I got it from and I realised that that’s the sort of thing I should blog about; So I showed and briefly spoke about my most recent purchases that I think you might like.




Use OUR purchase links to buy the products you want 🙂

Plastic Mannequin head and clamp

Gold braid cuffs – They’ve run out of the N400 ones, these are N500

Egg brush – The N800 ones are out of stock (I think they were on sale), these are N1,500

Razor comb- Unfortunately, they’re completely out of stock 🙁 . I will let you guys know when they’re restocked.

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Thanks for reading and watching 🙂

Until next time, stay glam. X


  1. Gorgeous. You just inspired me to take my blogging more seriously. Awesome job. X

    1. oh wow, thank you babe. You’ve just inspired me to continue taking it seriously #circleofinspiration lol

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