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I love lipsticks but only the matte ones; I just feel like the ones with sheen look ridiculous on me (I don’t know if I’m the only one that feels that way). So when I read about a tip on how to mattify any lipstick, I just had to try it out ASAP and share it with you guys.

To mattify any lipstick, apply (dab) and press on/in Powder (translucent, baby powder, even eye-shadows). The most important thing is to factor in the color of the powder you’re using to mattify the lipstick. Translucent is probably a safe choice because it doesn’t really have a strong color. I used baby powder when i tried it out though. Check out the results

Notice the huge difference in the level of shine. Oh by the way, the lipstick is “Cyber’ by MAC. Its one of my favorite colours.

As you can see, there’s no exact measurement with regards to the powder application. Just get some all over and press it into your lips with your fingers and or by pressing your lips together.

I was actually legit super happy when this tip worked because there are so many colors I’ve wanted to wear but didn’t because they were too shiny for me; this has basically changed my makeup-life.

Let me know what you think of this tip and send in pictures if and when you try it out. TGC’s 3 favorite entries by Friday will get a discount code for purchasing fabulous weaves from a new, great weave company called WEAVE EXPRESS  *click on it to go to their site and see for yourself* (Quality affordable hair super duper quick).

Also, guess what I finally found?! CROCHET NEEDLES!! I found them at Prince Ebeano Supermarket Lekki phase1 (in the beauty section upstairs) for N800.00




This is for everyone that asked me where they could get crochet pins from. Go get yours yesterday lol. Imagine how much easier doing crochet braids will be *wipes tear of joy*.


Crochet Magic

Crochet braids: Bobby pin method

That’s it ladies! 🙂  

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Thanks for reading. Love you guys. Until next time, stay glam. X

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  1. Omg I feel the same way, I think glossy lipstick looks ridiculous on me, I can’t even stand lip gloss, I’ll definitely try this trick after work today. So excited!


    Just like you, I have so many shiny lipsticks. For nude shades, I usually dab with concealer/pressed powder to achieve the look. For other colours I usually dab with tissue, reapply and dab again.

    Haven’t tried this baby powder technique but I will and let you know how it works!


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