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So, I was reading up on some topics and I came across an interesting one that I’m sure most of us know nothing about; The right way to apply mascara for the kind of eyes you have!

I know we generally just apply mascara on all our lashes to make them all look longer but you can actually use mascara to make your eyes appear closer together if you’ve got wide-set eyes or farther apart if you’ve got close-set eyes!

First things first, find out the type of spacing your eyes have. Here’s how
imageIgnore the part about the brows (that’s for another day) and focus on determining whether you’ve got wide-set, normal or close-set eyes.

Ideally, there are 2 stages in mascara application:

1. Using a lash curler to curl lashes first. (I have one but rarely ever use it because my lashes are pretty obedient and I like how they curl naturally. If your lashes are all over the place and misbehave, you should try using a lash curler; it might just be what you need)

2. Mascara application.

Now, if you’ve got wide-set eyes, when applying your mascara, apply to all your lashes but you want to make sure  you focus the most on the inner part of your eye to make it darker so as to create the visual illusion of your eyes being closer together.

If you’ve got close-set eyes, you want to focus more on the outer corners of your eyes to draw attention away from the inner part that shows your eyes are close together.

If you’ve got normally-spaced eyes, you can focus anywhere, I tend to focus more on the outter part of my eyes because I think that works best for me  but do you ☺️.

P.s these rules also apply to your eyeshadow. It’s better to use darker colours on the inner part of your eyes to make them appear closer if they’re wide-set and on the outter part of your eyelid to make them appear more spaces if they’re close-set.

I’ll do some research on the different kinds of eyelids and how to use the right makeup for them; I’ll post about it when I do.

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