Hi everyone! It’s a new week, whoop whoop! It’s the first day of work this week (not so whoop lol). Usually I post our Look of the week on Mondays but I decided to do something different today; Mani-Mondaysssssssss!! (You know you love the name hehe) On some Mondays, I shall post nail-related articles. Today, I’m putting up a few nail art designs for inspiration for your next trip to the nail studio.

I go to the nail studio sometimes and want a nice, fun design on my nails but I don’t know how to explain what I want (I’m in a Nigerian nail studio.. Go figure).So I think it’s high time I started walking around armed with pictures of nail designs I might want to get at some point.

Also, (all things being equal) having a picture should automatically mean you can get the design you want once the nail technician sees it, we are in Nigeria (well, I’m in Nigeria) and most technicians just know how to paint normally or do those old school designs *shudders*; because of this, I will put up pictures of designs even the most mediocre nail technicians ought to be able to recreate. Here they are:


I really like this. It’s subtle enough to be on every finger but you can also do the design on a nail or two if it’s too busy for your taste


The technician might not have a bow but she might have another ornament that'll work just as well as the bow.
The technician might not have a bow but she might have another ornament that’ll work just as well as the bow.
You can do this design on one finger and paint the rest a plain color or striped if this is too busy for your taste.
You’d have to have an above average technician for this but try your luck, you never know. Even if you can only recreate the design on one finger and paint the rest all black or pink or white.
LOL you aren’t getting this level of detail anywhere I know of in Nigeria. I just wanted to share this because I think it’s dope. *cries in simple designs* lol



Well there you have it ladies, I’d advice you to save the picture of any design you like so you have a guide the next time you want to get your nails done. I hope you like this post and find it useful (I hope I’m not the only one that relies on picture guides for almost everything). Also, if you know of any nail studio that’s really great at nail designs, please let us know so we can add them to our list of service providers. Thanks for reading; until next time, stay glam.x


  1. For the very difficult looking ones, your can use nail stickers. They come really cheap and with various designs and almost anyone can fix them. Try asos.com

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