Hi everyone! So a few weeks ago, I published a mani-Monday post and said I’d post about nails and manicures on some Mondays; this is one of those Mondays. whoop whoop!

My post today is actually a tip and a really useful one if I do say so myself. So you know how your nails grow and the difference between your new growth and the old acrylic nail or gel nail polish begins to show and look unsightly?  That happens to me and I can’t go to my manicurist immediately because the nail studio is quite far from where I live; well ladies, I have found a cute, quick and fun way to remedy this “GAP OF DOOM” *cue villainous dramatic music* PUT A LITTLE GLITTER NAIL POLISH AT THE BASE!!  Like so



To to get that nice faded look, apply the polish with a sponge like so


 Or alternatively, you can apply the glitter polish normally with the brush that comes with the polish; whatever floats your boat.

I just love this tip because it gives your nails a new look and it sorts out the problem of the gap.

Oh yeah, check out my nails; showed my nail artist a picture from our nail art inspiration post and she did this.  LOVE IT! The person that got their nails done after me copied my design too lol.



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