Hi everyone, I hope we all had great weekends and I wish you all a great week ahead. It’s a beautiful Monday so it’s time to show you our look of the week ; hopefully you are inspired by it 🙂imageIsn’t she lovely!! I adore her head tie. I really like how the colors on her head tie guide the colors of her makeup. Flawless foundation, subtle highlight and contour, fleekful eyebrows (lol), three toned eyeshadow, fantastic falsies and the perfect shade of red lipstick with an ombré effect on the bottom lip. Really glam don’t you think? Would you rock this look? What’s your favorite part of the look?

I know I’ll be making reference to this picture when I want to wear gold/yellow eyeshadow with that cat-eye effect (*whispers* I save all the pictures I post here to guide me when I do my own makeup, you might want to do the same; you’re welcome lol)


comments and suggestions are welcome as usual. It’s been really quiet on the comment front since the nail DIY post. Is it because the other posts are not about tips and hacks? *DIY tears*. Please let me know about topics you’d like to read about here,thats the whole point of the blog and I’d like it to achieve it’s aim; I’d really like it to be as interactive as possible. You can email your suggestions to me if you don’t want to leave them in the comment section ( info@tgc.com.ng ).

Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay glam.


  1. Dinma is always lovely. I don’t think her face is ever not on fleek. <3

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