Hi everyone! So I posted a picture of myself yesterday and I’ve gotten quite a few questions about my hair in the picture.




Its actually a wig! Its a wig I had made with an old weave of mine (peruvian hair if I remember correctly). Someone  asked me how I got it to look so flat and sewn on so I decided to  share my wig “secret”. ELASTIC BANDSSSSSSSSS! That’s it. I sew elastic bands (yes, like the ones you sew clothes with) to my wigs to hold them in place and make the closures lay flat. I watched a tutorial right before I sewed the elastic band on; here’s the tutorial, I hope its helpful


I also came across the video below; its shorter and essentially the same thing.

You can browse through youtube to find similar tutorials for inspiration and tips 🙂

So, to get hair  like I have in the photos, attach an elastic band to your wig  and curl your wig with bendy rollers (like I did) or any curling tool at your disposal 🙂

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Until next time, stay glam.X


  1. My wig has an elastic band too. Loveet. Maybe that’s why my wig guy has started charging loads of money for common wig. 🙁

    Looking good baby girl. As always.
    1 min ago

    1. It really is the best. Aww, I will come and spray hairspary on his face soon if he doesn’t calm down ..lol. Thank you boo. X

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