Hi everyone. So I’ve become a bit more beauty conscious since I started writing on the Glam Blog and that has Led me to discover tips, tricks and hacks when it comes to hair and makeup. Today I am posting a review on the things I’ve learned from my Crochet-style kanekalon braids.


  1. My front hair really hasn’t suffered any damage because the braids aren’t directly attached to my hair
  2. I’ve actually been able to fully trim those unruly strands of attachment/extension-hair that stick out from the braids without worrying about cutting my hair since all my hair is plaited underneath the braids ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. The one thing I need to do (which I shall do by myself today) is Redo the two lines that form the centre parting to make them perfectly neat again.
  4. A neat trick I developed:  when tiny front hairs start sticking out, making the front look rough, just re-divide your centre parting and then roll the “rogue hairs” firmly around the base of the first braid beside it. This gives your hair that freshly done look every single day. I’ve totally fallen in love with it.
  5. Another trick I discovered is how to get rid of those annoying lines/kinks that form when you pack braids with rubber or a tight band. All you have to do is use a hair straightener to straighten it and it’ll smoothen those kinks right out of your hair. Bye-bye crooked braids, HELLO sleek  new-looking braids  ๐Ÿ™‚
    On the left we have the crooked braids freshly unpacked lol and on the right we have the freshly straightened braids. yay or yay? ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. The One con (this actually isn’t  a con for me now but it might be for someone else or the next time I do crochet braids) is the fact that I can’t really form those slant slide-parts. With my braiding pattern, I was able to achieve a centre part and straight side parts but I’ve been rocking the centre part since the day I made the braids. So if you’re a slant parting girl, make sure you take that into account when forming your braiding pattern.
    The braiding pattern I used. I didnt join them so far back though. I dont like long partings.
  7. The one product i use to keep my braids looking and feeling new and surprisingly soft is Organics by Africa’s Best’s “Cornrow & Braid Revitalizer”.  I really like it because it gives the hair a nice, sleek gloss without unnecessary shine and that oily look AND  it smells really great. P4GkdNRH
  8. Quite a few ladies (some tgc readers too yay) asked about the colours I used for my hair. I used colours 1 and 30; A whole lot of colour 1 I must say. Colour 30 is too bright a brown for me especially for my 9-5 as a lawyer so I used the colour one to tone it down. The outcome was pretty nice if I do say so myself.
    Colours 1 and 30 in action. yay or nay?
  9. A random fact that I like about the braids is how it permanently frames my face and hides my cheeks because the centre parting is quite “set” (slim-face cheat hehe)
i dint lay the braids properly in the picture on the left but you can see what the parting looks like

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All in all I’ve enjoyed the hair so far;  Normal braids Crochet-style is a definite yes from me. I hope this is a useful post for you guys. If you like this blog or this site, please tell one or two people you know will be interested in whats happening here. Help get the word out about TGC. Thanks  ๐Ÿ™‚

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Thanks for reading. Love you guys. Until next time, stay glam. X

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