Hi everyone!

So I had a thought yesterday while I was admiring my nails and thanking God for my wig (basically an everlasting great hairstyle): “at least I’ll always  have a good hair day when I need one and can use a little money to get my nails done”. But what if I had only N4,000 and I could only get either my hair or my nails done?! what would I do?  (oh yeah, I was in bed with the flu through out yesterday and looked a hot mess, hence the mental gratitude for the wig LOL)

Ideally, I should say “oh, I’d get my nails done because I’ve got natural hair and so my hair is basically a really cool hairstyle on its own” BUT!!!!! honestly, I’d get my hair done. I’m just more of a hair person than a nails person.

So vote and lets see which one women would sacrifice for the other; Hair or nails!

you can vote and then expatiate your reasons in the comment section 🙂

Oh yeah, i posted a short article on how to pick the best nail shape for your fingers (couldn’t really put it out there because  of some link sharing logistics problems) so you can check that out after you vote 🙂

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  1. Like you, I would probably spend the money on my hair. I’m just more of a hair person. I tend to keep my nails short. I don’t really polish them because I can’t stand chipped nail polish and mine chips very quickly.

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