Hello beautiful people!!! I hope we are all doing great today and have great weekends ahead. So, I searched far and wide to find these absolutely fantastic DIY (do it yourself) makeup hacks. I hope you like them, put them to good use this weekend and up your glam game.

1. Heat your pencil eyeliner (kohl or whatever other brand) to create a gel liner!!!


Use a lighter to heat it up for about one or two seconds, let it cool for about 15 seconds and use your new gel liner! The heat melts the eye pencil “led” but it’s too hot to use immediately so please let it cool down first.



2.Use a white pencil eyeliner all over your eyelid to make eyeshadow colors pop more


I believe it’s the same science behind eyeshadow primer being white. So if you don’t have eyeshadow primer, try using a white eye pencil all over the area you want to apply your shadow first, the colors should pop more.


3.Make your own customized lipgloss!


To make your own lipgloss you can mix your colour pigment for eyeshadow and petroleum jelly (Vaseline will do) and presto, you have your one-of-a-kind customised lipgloss!


4 and 5. The Spoon
The spoon is so great, it’s used for 2 hacks. Any normal metal spoon will do.

. Use a spoon to get the shape of your winged liner


.use the scooping part of a spoon to prevent mascara from staining your lids when applying it.



There you have it glam people, 5 easy DIY hacks for makeup application. Try them out, let us know how well they work for you. Know any other great DIY hacks for makeup? Please don’t hesitate to share with us via the comment section.

Thank you very much for reading, have a glam weekend. Xo

  1. The Spoon for eyeliners! YAS! Imma try that.

    1. Like!!! I’m sooo permanently putting a spoon in my makeup bag

  2. Okayyy
    The spoon may finally be my saving grace with winged eyeliner!
    I like it on other people but I’ve never been able to get both my eyes right.
    + the melting pencil to gel thing, I will try that too!

  3. Didn’t know you could also use white eye pencil as primer. I normally use a bit of concealer as a base for eyeshadow. The lipgloss too yay abundant colours to choose from. I love this.

    1. I didn’t know about the White eye pencil either until I did research for the post. I’m quite excited about the lipgloss too 🙂 . Thank you for reading

  4. Great stuff, very useful tips. I’ll try them all out ☺️

  5. i love everything but the eyeliner spoon thing feels like work.
    White powder for oily skin is one of the best primers. First mosturize the skin and apply by dabbing it or in circluar motion.
    If you want flawless looking skin use the foundation brush in circular motion while using foundation or any other liquid. Patting the face with a brush or foam.

  6. This is cool. Getting my make up spoon!

  7. Thank you very much. Yes there will. We’re going to try to make DIY/tips posts a weekly thing. Thank you for reading 🙂 . You can subscribe to the blog now so you don’t miss a thing.

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