Hi beautiful people!!! Happy Holidays!! Its been a while; I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit.. Been trying to sort some things out but I am back, better and more determined now grrrr.

So, I shall be itemising my favorite (i.e the absolute best hehe) beauty products of the year. If its a favourite of mine, you should definitely try it out if you can. Without further ado, here they are

1.    Maybelline’s Colossal Chaotiques Mascara aka magic


Nc_2Klo9This product is everything you want in mascara. Super duper volumising, super black , gives a nice smoky effect, doesn’t make lashes clump together. You can easily use this product in lieu of false lashes, easily. My mum gifted me the one I have (bless her), she got it from the beauty section of Prince Ebeano Supermarket in Lekki phase 1.  Definitely my all time favorite mascara after Mac’s zoom fast black lash mascara.

2.     Matte Liquid lipsticks


lHLuXYnw2015 was a great year because of matte liquid lipsticks for me. Just after getting over the beauty that is matte lipticks (non liquid), the beauty gods bless us with liquid lipsticks. Awesome stuff. Liquid lipsticks are a favorite product of mine because they last all day (especially the Maybelline 24 hour long lasting lipstick… REAL 24 hours) and don’t transfer while drinking from cups or fade. If you don’t like shiny lipsticks, liquid matte lipsticks are for you! Thank me later.


2.5.     Revlon’s Colourburst matte lip balms

OtR4YUHoI numbered this product “2.5” because while they are sort of under the matte lipsticks category, they aren’t liquid and don’t “dry up” to give that matte finish like liquid lipsticks do. So for that awesome matte look with a balmy feel, use this product (its so perfect for our super dry harmattan weather.. Beauty and function)

3.     House of Tara Medium coverage foundation (TF315)


eZOWiHmWI LOVE this foundation. LOVE okay?! It has the perfect brown undertone for me. Sometimes foundations have a sort of ashy look about them (hate that) but this is like the opposite of that. I got mine from the House of Tara store in their building in Lekki phase1. There are branches all over Nigeria and some beauty product retailers sell their products; if you want to change your foundation, try one of their testers, it just might be what you’re looking for.

(P.S When trying out foundations, try to match the colour of your foundation to the centre of your chest, not your wrist or your face which probably has more than one colour)

4.     Makeup brushes


SKqy6G0IIt is impossible to over emphasise the importance of good makeup brushes. Believe me!! Different makeup brushes are shaped and sized differently to efficiently apply products in certain areas and to have different “finishing looks”. My best choice this year brush-wise was buying REAL TECHNIQUES’ Makeup brush sets for the face and for eyes.. BEST!  I also adore by ELF contour brush and my NO.7 Bronzing brush. You can just buy one set at a time if they’re too expensive to buy at once but trust me, once you buy one set and see the difference the brushes make, you’ll buy the second one ASAP lol. I remember seeing Real Technique brushes at Beauty Kink in Lekki phase 1 and also Yanga beauty studio in Lekki phase 1. Those two stores stock a wide variety of great quality makeup products, they’re my new go-to-places for beauty products in Lagos.

5.     Matte Top coat


9jCl3iQrSo, I’m personally not that big on DIY matters when it comes to nails but I am in love with the matte top coat i bought; to be able to give ANY nail polish a matte finish just gives me so much joy. Nail lovers, this one is for you; its an awesome investment and isn’t expensive.


Those are my 5 favourite beauty products this year. I will do a hair review of all the weaves and wigs I got in 2015 (this was definitely a wig year for me and I have alot to say on the matter lol)


Also, my one greatest beauty achievement this year is finally getting on the self-applying strip lash band wagon! Falsies take your makeup to a whole new level and can easily be applied and taken off (plus they cost about N800-N1200) and can be reused so you should definitely try joining me on the bandwagon, there’s room for everyone lol. I will post tips and pointers about false lash application soon so watch out for that.


Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this and you try out these products (you’re welcome in advance if you do 😛 ). What are your favourite products of the year? Do share with us.  Oh yeah, I will try to do short tutorials, pointers and reviews since I’ve gotten quite a few requests to do those. If you see any of my pictures and like the makeup I’m wearing ad want to know how i achieved the look, get at me. I will be very glad to share with you guys.

For pictures of my facebeats and makeup and hair done by Nigerian MUAs and Hair stylists, follow TGC’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Happy new year in advance guys, may this coming year be our best yet. *kisses*


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