Hi everyone! So today I will be talking about facial hair removal; different methods and their effects. But first, I will tell you my eyebrow story *grabs box of tissues*; its a tough story to share *sniff*.

I was in ss1 when one of my mum’s cousins got married; Uncle Rilwan insisted that I be on his bridal train, fine. The morning of the wedding came and I was excited. I had slept over in the bride’s house with other members of the bridal train so we’d all get our makeup done early in the morning before the wedding ceremony. I had never had my makeup done before so I was actually like 

Then SHE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED arrived to do our makeup (ps SHE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED is a yoruba actress and I hate her movies till date because of what she did to me on this fateful day).

It was finally my turn to get my makeup done and this woman tells me she wants to just adjust my brows abit; that it wouldn’t be anything drastic, just a slight shape-up to make the makeup pop more. I say cool and let her do her thing, she finishes up and ends by saying how lovely I look (never believe hairdressers or makeup artists that tell you you look nice after getting your hair or face done in their studio).

I get up to check my hot self out and this is basically what I see

she gave me skinny Yoruba actress eyebrows!!!!!


I want to cry but the day isnt about me so I suck it up *sniff*

ANYWAAAAAAYYYY my brows have never been the same since then (the beginning of my right eyebrow grows in the wrong direction LOL)  and I’ve actually NEVER let anyone do anything to my brows till this day. I genuinely would rather mess up my brows by myself than have anyone else have a repeat performance of what that woman did to me. This is my eyebrow story. *wipes tear*

Lets identify the different kinds facial hair and the different removal methods now.


1. Eyebrows

2. Mustache Upper lip hair

3. Beard Chin hair

4. All over the damn face hair. I really don’t know how I feel about these hairs in particular; because they’re supposed to be there because your face is made of skin and skin in general is supposed to have hair but sometimes these hairs show in a weird way through foundation or are just so much that they look like little fuzz all over.

5. *Insert any other hair I’m not aware of*


1. Shaving.  This is using a shaving stick or blade to scrape/shave off hair.

I would NOT recommend this method for facial hair removal because when hair is shaved off, its just cuts the surface and hair isn’t removed at the root so the hair grows back thicker and you don’t want that ( UNLESS you have thin eyebrows and want them to thicken up).

Also, shaving can give you bumps, cuts and abrasions and you really don’t want all that right on your face. AND it also darkens the area you shave; so you definitely don’t want to shave your upper lip hair; been there, done that, had to use more concealer than usual. lol.

Its the fastest way to get rid of hair though.

2. Waxing. This involves using using a strip and hot wax which is applied to the unwanted hair and then pulled off (quickly) to remove the hair from its roots.

FIRST OF ALL, this method hurts like a MOTHERRRRRRR. My roommate and I used to wax each others’ upper lip hairs off. She’d hold me down and yank the strip off with delicious evil delight and I’d do the same to her lol #friendshipgoals

Waxing is a pretty decent form of hair removal to be honest; it doesn’t leave the waxed area looking darker like shaving does.

But, the waxed area can get bruised because of the pulling and the area is usually red, sensitive or abit swollen immediately after waxing; so get your hair waxed like a day or two before any important outings.

3. Tweezing. This is just pulling out the unwanted hair with tweezers.


I personally like tweezing because you can clean up any area and you can check on your hair removal progress and not just take out  a chunk of hair at once only to realise you messed up *tears*. However, IT IS TIME CONSUMING for seriously hairy areas (like upperlips); Its better suited for eyebrow and (sparse) chin hair grooming. It also doesn’t leave the area looking darker like shaving does.

4. Threading. This involves using little twists in a loop of thread to remove hair.

THREADING IS PAINFUL!!! but I LOVE it. I thread my upperlip by myself and I absolutely love it; plus there’s no more darkness from the shaving days *victory twerk*.  If you’ve ever seen a well threaded brow, you’ll understand why i love it so much; the finished result is so nice, neat and natural looking.

I have to warn you guys though,threading is not suitable for sensitive skin. If your skin is not held tightly during the threading process or is very delicate, you could get cuts.

5. Hair removal creams. I have never tried this method because I haven’t been able to get my hands on facial hair removal cream. If its not specifically for facial hair removal, please don’t use it on your face!!!!

That’s all I have for hair removal methods(atleast the more popular ones); please let us know if there are any other methods out there.

I covered one of Yanga Beauty Studio’s threading masterclasses and I realised that I could entrust my brows to a professional. So I’m growing out my brows and  will get them threaded at Yanga beauty. They are really great teachers and very hands-on, I definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in threading (professionally or for self-grooming).They still have two more threading masterclasses so you can go if you have the time. Click here to check out the details in TGC’s forum.

P.S.A- There’s a forum on the site now!! whoop whoop. Its a safe space for any beauty discussion with other people. We also publicise any sales, discounts or beauty classes we now of on the forum so be sure to check it out, register and participate freely -> THE GLAM FORUM (There are already two hair topics on the forum)

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Thanks for reading guys; as always, comments, questions and suggestions are welcome. Until next time, stay glam.x


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