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First of all (go down low lol :l ) I just want to say a big thank you to our regular tgc readers; your support has been unbelievable and you guys are such a big motivation. Also, welcomeeeeeeee, to our new readers! You should go through our previous posts, you might find one or two articles that’ll really help you out 🙂 . So today, I will be talking about crochet braids!

Now I know when you hear crochet braids, you think about Marley hair and natural hair protective styles BUT I actually mean doing normal kanekalon twists and braids crochet style!

Yes ladies! These are crochet braids. I just want to hug her and say thank you for this. Lol

The first time I came across this, I felt like my eyes had just been opened lol; I just had to name this post crochet magic because it feels like magic to me lol *wipes lone tear of joy* . One of my subsequent posts will talk about the basics of crochet braiding; how to do them and the different tools you can use to crochet your hair, braiding patterns because the patterns determine how the partings’ll look.

A braiding pattern
Another pattern. Lovely. Crocheting is just the method, you can do basically any kind od braiding style with it. I love it! Think I’ll do my next kinky twists crochet style.


Now, lets talk pros and cons

. This style might take a while to achieve if you’re doing it yourself. One of the main pros of crochet braiding in General is that you get to do your hair yourself, save some money, try something new and feel like you totally rock (because let’s face it, you do rock! ) but because the bottom plaits will have to be smaller so the hair can be neat and not have weird spacing; it will take longer to do the hair yourself.

Personally, i’d get this done at the salon unless I feel like challenging myself and I know I’m indoors for like a day or two and I can move around with a half-done head of hair in peace lol.

. It can be heavy if too much hair is used so be sure not to put too much tension on your plaits.

. This method is great for your edges!!!!!
Can I get an Amen?! My biggest worry with braids is my edges going on vacation :'( . Then you end up not keeping perfectly good braids for as long as possible because edges are too important to sacrifice. There’s so much less tension on your front hair this way! You can even do small “brush” before you start the plaits to save your edges even more.

. This method is great for natural hair!
Your ends won’t stick out of the braids because they are neatly plaited under! This is so magical to me because my braids get so rough because of rouge strands of hair; so my hair’ll be rough at the base and neat after the point my hair stops 🙁 . This method gets rid of that struggle!

.This method is great for colored braids (if you don’t want your normal color to show at all. Eg. All gold). Your hair is plaited under so it doesn’t show!

Perfect for a full head of colored braids

.You can easily oil and clean your scalp with this method as well.

.With this method, your braids will last until you get tired of them. I know a lot of students that get braids done right before they leave for school in places like UK and Canada because they probably won’t be able to get braids done there without spending ridiculous prices. This one is for you!

Going on vacation? Want braids that’ll last through out and are easy to clean and maintain? This is for you!

I’m just so happy I stumbled across this method. Great!

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Thank you for reading. I hope you liked this post. Until next time, stay glam. X



  1. OMG! This is awesome, do you know any place in Lagos this can be done?

    1. I know right. Well I know KL’s natural hair salon does it. http://tgc.com.ng/listing/kls-natural-beauty-bar/ that’s a link to their profile on the site. I’m sure there are other places as well. A few people have said they’ve gotten crochet braids done so I’ll find out where else you can get them done ☺️

  2. I have crochet braids on right now, but the hair I used comes already twisted from the factory, so you just need to attach it to your plaited hair and voila!

    I didn’t even know you could do it with expressions(lol) and then twist after, amazing!

    I don’t know if the already twisted hair is available in Nigeria, I doubt it.

    I’ve had mine for 3 weeks now and it still looks so good, usually when I dare to do braids, it can’t last more than 2 weeks, that 2 weeks sef is a stretch (my hair is natural)
    I use dry shampoo and cotton balls to clean my scalp every weekend and I make sure to moisturise.
    Ok I’m done. 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing!!! I think I might permanently convert to the crochet method. Please Let us know how long it lasts for ☺️☺️

  3. I love. Thank you . My knowledge on hair is expanding.

  4. lovely!!!!!!!!!1 ddnt knw u can use bobbi pins for doing crochet styles……….. cos wen i watched a video, dey was one kinda needle/pin the person used…………….

    tho i recently did my big chop……. to go natural, wen it does grow, eud try,

    tnks fr this piece

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