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Today, I will be throwing us all the way back to the COLOUR WHEEL!!! The easiest way to know what colours look good together is the colour wheel to be honest. I know most of us remember the colour wheel from art class when we were being taught primary and secondary colours and what not. Well, the usefulness of a colour wheel transcends that; ever thought of using the colour wheel to pick out outfits or choose eye shadow colours? You totally should! Tried it quite a few times and it has saved me time and mental effort lol.



The colour wheel basically shows you 3 ways of matching colours.

1. Complementary colours

Pick a colour on the colour wheel then draw a straight line across the  wheel, this is the colour’s complement. These colours are basically opposites. The complementary colours are used to offset the main colour and are thought to complete each other.

There are also split complementary colours which means that once you pick the complimentary you choose one of the colours next to it giving it a more subtle look.

2. Analogous Colours

This is when you choose a colour on the  wheel that is next to the colour you are choosing. If we choose yellow the analogous colours would be yellow green and yellow orange. This type of colour choice is great when you don’t want to match the exact colour.

3. Triad Colours

Choose a coluor on the wheel then draw an equilateral triangle to find the two other colours. You will notice that each colour has 3 colours between them to form the triangle. Let’s choose Yellow, the other two colours will be Blue and Red.


The one thing I’d say is always take the “quantity” of the colours into consideration. For example, the first time i used the wheel for my outfit, I had on a green blouse and the complimentary colour (according to our almighty wheel) is red and the first thing that came to my mind was “Christmas card” LOL. So I just wore red earrings and they looked so good; but had I worn lets say red trousers, I would have looked ridiculous.

green top, red earrings. Thinking of Christmas? I think not 🙂


I’d advise you to save the picture of the colour wheel so you can always make reference to it. You can do a google search for a more detailed colour wheel (if you want the colours to be broken down more for those “in between” colours)

That’s it ladies. Go forth and let the wheel be your guide to colours in life;  outfits, makeup, home decor, whatever. I really hope this post is useful to everyone.  Oh yeah, I did normal Kanekalon braids with the crochet method. I’ve gotten many compliments, it looks and feels good. I’ll blog about it soon and let you know all you need to about it.


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Thanks for reading. Love you guys. Until next time, stay glam. X

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  1. This is actually VERY useful luv! Thank you!

    1. yaaay! Its funny how its the simplest things we forget about that are the most helpful. thanks for reading OYEMAMA. X

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