Hi guys!!! Long time no post 🙁 … sorry I’ve been M.I.A; I recently started a new job that’s super demanding and there were also some major renovations going on in my house so I just couldn’t post here.  I’ve missed you guys o.

So I decided to do a quick review of Classic makeup’s liquid lipstick in the colour “vip” to get back in blogging mode. Enjoy 🙂


I hope you liked it. Classic “vip” liquid lipstick gets a thumbs up from me. Have you used classic makeup before? their lipsticks, foundations or anything else? if you have, were they any good in your opinion? share 🙂 . Be sure to follow tgc on instagram for pictures and details of makeup, hair, nails and henna done by Nigerian BSPs (Beauty service providers) and meeeeeeee. lol

Comments, questions, suggestions and constructive criticisms are welcome :). until next time, stay glam. x


  1. Classic makeup products are so good yet very affordable. Am like OMG

  2. Classic makeup products are really nice, I really like their Lipstick, they are long lasting and smooth on the lips.

  3. Classic Makeup USA products are quite good and affordable. Thumbs up to the company.

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