Hi everyone!!! We are back with our BSP of the month trend *insert TGClicious dab*. I am so happy I found this month’s BSP, she’s kind of new on the makeup scene but is super talented and I see a really bright future for her; I saw her makeup randomly and I just had to go to her profile like “who did thisssss?!”.  Without further ado, here’s our interview of our BSP of the month, the lovely Sisi Ope…

Name, business name, service provided

Odunmbaku OpeOluwa
Fáàrí By Sisi Ope
Makeup Artistry

The gorgeous Sisi Ope herself!

Why did you choose makeupartistry? (What’s the story there)

Makeup has been my passion since I can remember. I went for my first makeup training workshop in 2008 at House of Tara. Makeup is literally what’s on my mind 80% of the time. Finally decided to take it seriously during my MSC year (2015)


What motivates you to keep going?

The possibility that just makeup can become a whole chain of beauty enterprise motivates me!


what sort of entrepreneur are you?

I consider myself an innovative entrepreneur that takes full advantage of social media to build brand recognition and brand loyalty

What is your business’ selling point?

I’m constantly trying to better myself and my art with trainings in makeup, photography, client satisfaction, business management and so on. I believe this sets Fáàrí By Sisi Ope apart from the numerous artist out there and that’s our selling point


Wild card (anything else you’d like to share about yourself)

I’m super fun to be with.. I’m a happy person, I make people laugh most times unconsciously. I’m extremely sensitive and emotional which could be tiring sometimes.


So what are your future plans?

I intend to establish a beauty school where all the variance of beauty can be learnt.. I also want to own my own makeup line by God’s grace.


Any words of advice to upcoming beauty service providers?

Consistency is key. No man knows it all so always try to keep educating yourself. Let your work speak for you.


Three of your top makeup tips

-Invest in skin care routine and products. Putting makeup on bad skin isn’t pretty.
-Primer! Primer! Primer! The importance of both face and eyeshadow primer can’t be over emphasized
– always look out for cheap dupes of high end products before you buy.. There are always dupes!





Editor’s note:  I am so impressed with Sisi Ope because of the quality of work she has put out already so early in her makeup career; I really cannot wait to see the amazing progress she’ll make as time goes by and she becomes a “veteran in the makeup game”. Her answer to one of our interview questions was ” Let your work do the talking”, well, her work speaks volumes and its awesome, don’t you think? More blush and bronzer to your makeup elbow, Sisi Ope lol.

That’s all guys, I hope you enjoyed this interview; Be sure to follow us on twitter and Instagram to find out details of how you can win a free makeover by the talented Sisi Ope 🙂  and for beauty pictures, tips and discussions; Also check out Faari by Sisi Ope  on Instagram for more awesome pictures of her work

Until next time, stay glam.



  1. She’s amazing!!!! A really bright future indeed.

  2. Sisi Ope! You totally rock!…All the best dear

  3. Super talented chic.. in a world where everyone is a professional make up artist, she stand out clear.

  4. I love her makeup. superb

  5. Greater heights for you girl..in Jess name.

  6. First make up class in 2008? Wow! A makeup artist who did not get complacent already? I mean striving for that excellence is just everything. I see her at the top in years…. *two dabs for Sisi Ope*

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