Hi everyone!!!! I’m super duper excited to introduce a new TGC “trend”  which is the Beauty Service Provider of the month trend. A beauty service provider of the month is a BSP we focus on in that specific month by displaying their work as much as possible, interviewing them and collaborating with them on a giveaway at the end of the month!

The idea behind TGC is to let people be aware of the fact that there are soooo many talented BSPs in Nigeria and  we want to connect them to Nigerians. The BSP of the month trend helps us do just that.

Our very first BSP of the month is the super talented ANITABROWS!!!! If you follow TGC on Instagram or Twitter, you would’ve seen a lot of her awesome work on display on our profiles. I kid you not, my makeup game has improved because of how frequently I’ve seen her work this month lol (FOR REAL).  Without further ado, I give you, the interview of our very first BSP of the month! *insert deafening applause*

Name, business name, service provided

Adetola-Anita ADETOYE
Anita Brows Beauty

Makeup Artist

The lovely Ms Anitabrows herself!
The lovely Ms Anitabrows herself!

 Why did you choose makeupartistry? (What’s the story there)

Makeup has grown with me. It’s not a profession I chose to start, I usually say my profession chose me. People started booking me from seeing my pictures on social media. I had no intention to get jobs from it. It all started roughly 6 years ago.


What motivates you to keep going?

The request for more, the passion and knowing I need to eat.

what sort of entrepreneur are you?

 I would say I am an innovative entrepreneur who is also active on social media, you have to keep up with the trend. You always have to have a pow moment, if not, you will be forgotten. Social media is a great platform to express your creativity so I make good use of that.



What is your business’ selling point?

My aspiration is way up there, which means I challenge my delivery of work every single time. It has to be better than the last. Makeup, photography, social media… They all work hand-in-hand. For this reason, my delivery and finish of work is my selling point.


Wild card (anything else you’d like to share about yourself)

I’m extremely humorous once I warm up to people so I’m currently trying to bring that into my work delivery and social media. Work is never fun if it’s always serious!

Also, I am an open book. I hide nothing, it can sometimes be a con.


So what are your future plans?

To educate in beauty and develop staple beauty products that people would appreciate.

Any words of advice to upcoming beauty service providers?

Keep at it because the work is in your hand. If you have a drive, passion and talent, things will definitely work out if you put in all of your effort.


Three of your top makeup tips

Tip 1: ALWAYS use a primer your face before applying anything on it. It protects your pores and helps your makeup last a lot longer.

Tip 2: Want to mattify your favourite satin finish lipstick. Pat white or translucent powder over it to get rid of the sheen.

Tip 3: Do you struggle with creating a winged liner? Stick a cello tape on the corner of your eye, positioning it at the start of your eye line to the end of your eyebrow. Freely create your wing.

There you have it guys, our very first BSP of the month interview. I rather enjoyed it tbh. Check out Anitabrows’ work on her instagram @anitabrows . She has done makeup for Toke Makinwa, Michelle Dede, Koko Itagiwa (for Senator Itagiwa’s 70th birthday!!) , Stephanie Coker of Krochetkulture extensions for the Krochetkulture hair campaign, Annie Idibia, Vimbai of Big Brother Africa and so many others  and has slayed their looks each and every time.

Photo from the KrochetKulture hair campaign


She is also a youtuber! Check out her channel Anitabrows ; she drops serious beauty tips and does product reviews aswell.




I must say that Anita has been great through out this month and was so willing to help and contribute; TGC says a very big thank you and wishes you the very best of luck in all your endeavours. Anitabrows is the makeup artist  responsible for all the pretty facebeats in the pictures in this write-up.

As stated earlier, there will be a give away of a FREE FACEBEAT from Anitabrows and TGC so be sure to check out our social media profiles to find out how to win. @tgcnigeria on twitter and @theglamcatalogue on Instagram.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Until next time, stay glam.X

  1. I love Anita so much!! And reading this just took it to a whole new level! This has surely inspired me to go for what I want and strive to be the best at it no matter if there are a lot of pple doing that same thing.
    Truly blessed!
    Thank you so much TGC for serving us this lovely piece.
    Anita, much love to you.


  2. I am a great fan of Anita brows.. She delivers at all times. You go girl 😘😘

  3. Nice one Miss Anita. I look forward to winning the face beat. For the love of #makeovers #face beat @wathonianyansi

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