Hi everyone!!!! I know the blog has been slow of recent; it was due to some technical problems. We are back and better now, I assure you. Be sure to check out the website and let me now what you think of the new look. There’s also a new page under the glam blog called “Tried Tips“; this new sub-page is for submissions from our readers who have tried some of our tips and hacks so please feel free to email or DM the results of your tried tips to me (submissions could be the basis of qualification for a future give away or two *wink wink* ).

So, I stumbled across this really great (if I do say so myself) short video that shows the perfect way to bob a fringe and i just knew i had to share it with you guys.


So easy and yet unknown by most! Presently, I’ve got a shoulder-length bob weave on and i’ll definitely be using this technique to bob my weave. Look out for a photo of my results on the “tried tips” page and be sure to share yours too 😉

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  1. Thank you, been wanting to do a fringe since, now I have a clue on how to get it done.

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