Hi everyone!!! I hope we all had great weekends. It’s a beautiful Monday so you know we are going to show you our look of this week.image


This beautiful look is everything!! From her “fleekful” weave ( we can’t see it but she’s so on point it can be reasonably presumed that her weave is fab lol), her eyebrows (a bit too thick for me but she pulls them off), her false lashes (clearly false but this is what false lashes are meant to do, beautify, not look like little runaway hairs from a hard brush ), her lipstick (love the ombré effect) , flawless foundation, highlighting and contour, beautiful neck piece and fab nails. This look is definitely a winner. What say you?


oh yeah, I tried out the tip that says to draw an “x” with your lip liner if you want your Cupid’s bow to “pop” and trust me it absolutely works! Proof you say? Well here it isimage


What do you think? Yay or nay?

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