Hi everyone,
So I’m back with some new DIY makeup tips. I hope you find them useful. The first is near and dear to my heart; enjoy.

1. To get an even Cupid’s bow shape when lining lips, draw an “x” at your Cupid’s bow point… Like so..

image image2. Use baby powder to get DIY false lashes. After every coat of mascara, use a q-tip to apply baby powder to the lashes, concentrate on the tip. The next layer will appear thicker and will latch onto the powder at the tips and make your lashes appear longer.image

3. After applying lipstick, set your lipstick so it lasts longer by applying a layer of translucent powder on your lips through tissue.image



Well I hope you like the tips and find them useful. As usual, comments are very much welcome.. I’m personally trying out all three today. Try them out too and let’s know how it goes. Until next time, have a glam weekend.




  1. Definitely trying all 3 especially the cupid’s bow shape. I always struggle with that.

    Thanks! Xxx

  2. Love this. Trying the fake fake lash one 🙂

    1. You totally should. They worked for my mum and I .. Let’s know how it goes. Thank you for reading 🙂

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