Hi guys!!! I hope you’re all doing well and kicking butt in life (especially if you’re living in Nigeria like I am) lol.

If you’re anything like me, from time to time you buy products because of their hype, use them like once or twice and then abandon them for your usual products. Well, if you fall into that category with regards to coconut oil and don’t want to let the remaining product go to waste or you just want to find out what else you can use your coconut oil for apart from re-growing your edges or cancelling out the smell of shea butter in your hair butter lol, then keep reading 🙂

*interlaces fingers and stretches arms out to crack fingers*


  1. To grow your eyebrows!!!! You can actually apply a bit of coconut oil to your eyebrows every night before going to bed with a q-tip/cotton bud to aid eyebrow growth.
  2. You can also use coconut oil as a face and body moisturizer. I actually do this everyday. I add some drops of coconut oil to my normal face cream for extra hydration ( I have super duper dry skin because of a condition  I have called atopic dermatitis) and also to my body cream. Its actually pretty awesome and a fantastic moisturizer.
  3. Makeup remover!!! Yes ladies; if you already have a big container of coconut oil, you also have a big container of makeup remover. This is a use I put my coconut oil to as well; the best part is that it moisturizes as it takes your makeup off; it’s a healthy, inexpensive, multi purpose makeup remover… how awesome is that?
  4. Lip balm!!!!! This is something else I use coconut oil for! I have this awesome sugar scrub I use from time to time to get rid of old skin cells on my lips and my favorite moisturizer to use after scrubbing my lips is coconut oil; super healthy, super moisturising, and your lips absorb it really well without leaving a ridiculous shine. I also use it for day-to-day moisturising whenever I remember.
  5. You can also use coconut oil to control/tame your dandruff and super dry and itchy scalp condition. Just use a generous amount on your scalp daily and massage it in thoroughly.
  6. To cook!! Yes! Coconut oil is a great oil to sautĂ© veggies, chicken and even potatoes with; so if you ever run out of cooking oil, instead of dashing all the way down to your supermarket (I’m a lazy bum so I actually consider almost everything as a daunting task), or if you’re curious, you should totally give coconut oil a try.
  7. As a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment product. It really moisturises and conditions the hair when left for a while with a bit of heat.
  8. To soothe eczema, sunburns (after the initial heat is gone), chicken pox and poison ivy irritations.
  9. Mix coconut oil with some granulated sugar or brown sugar to create a great and healthy DIY lip exfoliating scrub
  10. As nipple cream!! This one is for the mummies. When breastfeeding leaves your nipples sore, cracked and chaffed, you can apply coconut oil on and around your nipples to soothe the chaffing.

That’s it ladies,  I hope you’ve been able to find new uses for your coconut oil so you can use yours to its maximum potential. If you use coconutoil for anything else or know that it can be used for anything else, kindly share with us in the comment section below.

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Thanks for reading guys, until next time, stay glam. Xo


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